Bermuda: Prison officers promoted

Five prison officers have been promoted.

Leading the pack was new Assistant Commissioner Kenneth Cann, while four others were promoted to Chief Officer.

Premier and National Security Minister Michael Dunkley said: “I certainly subscribe to the saying that we’re only as strong as the team around us.

“So I am delighted to see the strength of the officers here today. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we must perform at a level as we never have before.

“These six officers being recognized today bring a level of leadership and discipline to the service and I want to thank them for their dedication.”

The four new Chief Officers are Shaun Bailey, Darynda Caisey-Brown, Phillip Downie and Reginald Gomes.

Prisons Commissioner Lt Col Edward Lamb said: “This was a very lengthy and rigorous promotion process and I have every faith and confidence that these officers will execute their duties to the best of their ability.”


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