Guyana: Design of new management system, census for Prisons

A prison census in Guyana’s five prisons along with the design of a new case management system is among the many projects set to be implemented through a US$15 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank. The loan also includes operational finance for a series of projects that include perception of security in Guyana, domestic violence, vocational training, training workshops, community policing and courses on forensic investigation. Guyana’s prison population is made up of 70 per cent of young offenders, who are either serving sentences or are on remand for allegedly committing very grave offences. In order to improve rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners, the Guyana Prison Service (GPS) has embarked on many new initiatives to tackle effective reforms, with the aim of getting delinquent youths reintegrated, and becoming meaningful contributors in society. However, a top official within the prison system said that the Guyana Prison Service in collaboration with the government and relevant stakeholders has been addressing these concerns. Although youths in prisons are the most difficult to engage in reform programmes, the prison service noted that the prison administration is collaborating with the Education Ministry, to engage imprisoned youths in basic literacy programmes. There are also qualified counselors, vigorous men’s groups and religious organizations that partake in the reform process. The GPS is also undertaking an extensive project, whereby all of its prisons are being rehabilitated. Currently, construction works are being carried out on the Camp Street Prison. A prisoner is released, often with no prospects for employment. Former prisoners are generally subjected to socio-economic exclusion and are thus vulnerable to an endless cycle of poverty, marginalisation, criminality and imprisonment. Thus, imprisonment contributes directly to the impoverishment of the prisoner, of his family and of society by creating future victims and reducing future potential economic performance.

Source: Design of new management system, census for Prisons : Kaieteur News

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