Jamaica: Tamarind Farms Serious About Rehabilitation

Under the leadership of Superintendent Baldwin Collins, staff at the Tamarind Farm Adult Correctional Centre located at Salt Pond Road, Spanish Town in St Catherine, has been quietly making strides in helping to turn around the lives of inmates who come under their charge.

Members of the chaplaincy unit of the Department of Correctional Services have also been very instrumental in engaging members of both the private and public sector to contribute to effective re-socialising of the inmates, through improved educational and appropriate skills training opportunities.

Despite a serious lack of resources, the institution is going ahead with a number of initiatives, Reverend Ellen Thomas, coordinator of the rehabilitation programme, disclosed recently during the official launch of the PEACE Approach Initiative.

“We believe that no inmate should come to Tamarind Farm can’t read and go back home not being able to read. We want to be able to help them to read and write and if they came in at a particular level, we want to take them to another stage,” she declared.

Source:  Tamarind Farms Serious About Rehabilitation

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