Cayman: Addressing overcrowding at HMP Northward


GRAND CAYMAN (GIS) – In a collaborative effort to alleviate capacity constraints that have impacted Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) Northward, a joint initiative has been established to resolve the situation.


The plans, which will see a reduced number of prisoners being held within the facility, evolved following discussion between the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration and Her Majesty’s  Prison Service ().

Interim Director of HMCIPS, Steven Barrett, says the Northward facility will achieve a reduction in inmate numbers through the transfer of suitably selected and risk assessed individuals to a section of the Immigration Detention Centre ().

Similar works will also take place within HMP Northward to enable the internal transfer of inmates from areas most impacted by overcrowding.

“We are aware that the current overcrowding situation is not acceptable or sustainable, and the plans to relieve some of the strain on HMP Northward by using the IDC as an extension of the prison is the most viable short term option available,”  explained.


Source: Addressing overcrowding at Cayman Islands’ HMP Northward | IEyeNews

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