Bahamas: Law Enforcement Heads Hold Conclave

Law enforcement conclave
Numerous senior police, defence and prison officers were in attendance at the event.

The Ministry of National Security yesterday opened its first annual senior management conclave with over 40 representatives from all law enforcement agencies.

“This is extremely important,” said Minister of National Security Marvin Dames, following the morning session at Island House.

“We are all about improving our service delivery to the Bahamian people and you can’t do that in an ad hoc fashion.

“If we are going to do it, then you have to ensure that our internal mechanisms are in place and that our human resource component is up to the challenge and the way we do that is through events such as this and this conclave is extremely important.

“We are talking about senior managers, many of whom may not have a good enough appreciation for finance and how it works, and budgeting and human resources.

“A few days ago, I mentioned the fact that we intend to commence a civilianization process for our law enforcement agencies because we want to get police officers on the streets, we want to get defense force officers on crafts. We want to get corrections officers overseeing inmates, we don’t need them answering telephones or behind the desks just uploading just basic information on the computers. We need them doing the job that they were recruited to do.

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