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Business: Outsourcing vs. HiringFor small business owners, hiring and managing employees can be a rewarding but stressful part of the job. During uncertain times, maybe you need extra help but are thinking twice about committing to an official employee. So when should you hire, and when might an independent contractor or outsourcing company be a better fit? Here are some tips to guide that decision.
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Re-evaluating Your Business InsuranceA comprehensive business insurance policy is a must for any business owner. But under what circumstances do you need to take another look at that policy and make important adjustments? Here are some instances when it would be a good idea to revisit your business insurance plan and add to, or change, your coverage.
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Business Tips: Social Distancing for Companies that Engage with the PublicFor business owners, operating during a pandemic is complicated to say the least. You want to do the right thing by your staff and customers, without losing the business you love. In many cases, there is a lot you can do to make patronizing and working at your business safer for everyone.
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The 9-5 job or office setting isn't for everyone. Many entrepreneurs are abandoning the traditional workplace setup so they can set their own hours, work from anywhere they want and pick and choose their clients. Perhaps that's why you became a small business owner yourself. For business owners who have employees, It can also be beneficial for employers to embrace some elements of modern work life in order to keep great employees.
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