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Business: Outsourcing vs. HiringFor small business owners, hiring and managing employees can be a rewarding but stressful part of the job. During uncertain times, maybe you need extra help but are thinking twice about committing to an official employee. So when should you hire, and when might an independent contractor or outsourcing company be a better fit? Here are some tips to guide that decision.
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Business Tips: Social Distancing for Companies that Engage with the PublicFor business owners, operating during a pandemic is complicated to say the least. You want to do the right thing by your staff and customers, without losing the business you love. In many cases, there is a lot you can do to make patronizing and working at your business safer for everyone.
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Annual Employee ReviewsMany employers take the time and effort to follow through with employee reviews, while others let this annual tradition slide. Annual performance reviews can be excruciating, productive, or somewhere in between. So what makes the difference? What makes an annual review effective, and how can both employers and employees can prepare to get the best possible outcome?
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Traits of a Successful ManagerIt's a big step for a small business owner to hire a manager, to hand over and trust certain tasks to someone else. In doing so, it's important, even in bigger corporations, to look for those with certain traits and talents.
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It's that time of year when high school and college students are out of school, and many are looking for summer work. It's also the time when some seasonal businesses pick up, and many depend on solid summer help. Hiring seasonal workers?
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