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Avoiding Summer Heat-Related IllnessesHeat-related illnesses are serious business. When left untreated, the symptoms of heat exhaustion can turn into heatstroke, which is life-threatening. During the prime summer months, this can be a big problem and one that can creep up on you, since the signs and symptoms of heatstroke can often look like something else. With normal summer temperatures slowly increasing around the globe, it's even more important to understand how heatstroke occurs and how you can prevent it.
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In regions with any kind of wintery weather, you probably know exactly how to prepare for and navigate the unique risks caused by snow, ice, and low temperatures. And since they can't change the thermostat or put on cold weather booties, your pets count on you to get them ready for the season, and to keep them safe through the cold winter months.
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When Hurricane Katrina touched down in 2005, humans were not the only species affected by its destruction. And because emergency relief agencies were not in the business of saving pets, nearly half a million animals were left behind, devastating many owners and causing public outrage on their behalf. Passed in 2006 as a direct result of Hurricane Katrina, the Pet Evacuation and Transportation Act now requires state and local agencies to consider pets and service animals in their emergency preparedness plans. While most of us won't experience a disaster like Hurricane Katrina in our lifetimes, it's still up to us to consider our beloved companion animals when planning for emergencies, big and small. Here are a few things you can do:
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