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Homeowner's Insurance, Part 2: Contents CoverageWhile we covered the basics of homeowner's insurance last week, now we'll take a closer look at the contents portion of insurance policies, also known as Coverage C. This part of your policy applies to the contents of your home and can help to replace or repair those items if they are stolen or damaged due to any of the named perils that apply to your overall policy. But just because your homeowner's policy includes contents coverage doesn't mean you simply need to sign on the dotted line. You should take steps to make sure your coverage will truly be effective should the contents of your home and especially your most valued and important possessions be stolen, damaged, or vandalized.
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Top Ten Tips for Storing your StuffAmericans love their stuff. And most of us have things in storage somewhere: the garage, attic, basement, or a storage unit off site. But what's the point of having all these things if they never get used, looked at, or if you can't even remember you have something you need when you actually need it? Here are some tips for downsizing, organizing and storing your stuff in a way that makes sense:
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Have you heard of supermodels insuring their legs or singers taking out a policy on their priceless vocal chords? That's probably not necessary for most people, but many of us probably do have a few valuables that can and should be insured separately.
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