Medical, Disability and Long Term Care

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There are more health plans than ever before and increasingly plans are finding ways to balance important financial protection from medical care costs with premium. Budgeting. Let us know what your unique needs are and we will find a program to fit your protection requirements and budget.

Disability insurance is just as essential. A study performed by the American Council of Life Insurers showed that a 35 year old is six times more likely to be disabled than die before they are 65. Disability policies can be tailored to supplement employer benefits, provide benefits to the self-insured, or to fund a business disability buy-sell agreement.

America's population is aging means many of us may find our assets at risk as we struggle to pay the costs of daily living assistance during periods of serious illness or disability. These costs are not covered by traditional health policies or Medicare. For some, Long Term Care Insurance may be the best alternative.

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