Head of Prison: (Mme.) Marjorie Saint Jean Directrice

Ministry Responsible: Ministry of Justice and Public Security

Administration: Direction de l’Administration Pénitentiaire (DAP)

Contact Information

Address: n/a

Telephone: n/a

Fax: n/a

Website: n/a


Total Prison Population: 10 266 at 30.1.2015 (United Nations mission MINUSTAH)

Prison Population Rate: 97 based on an estimated national population of 10.54 million at end of January 2015 (from United Nations figures)

Pre-trial detainees/ remand prisoners: 72.8% (30.1.2015)

Female Prisoners: 4.4% (30.1.2015)

Juveniles/minors/ young prisoners: 3.9% (21.6.2010 – minors)

Foreign Prisoners: n/a

Number of establishments/institutions: 17 (2015)

Official capacity of prison system: 5 958 (1.8.2014)

Occupancy level: c. 172.0% (1.8.2014)


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